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How to maintain your parquet or laminate flooring

Maintaining varnished, oiled or laminate flooring has never been that simple... Follow our advices to make your parquet shine.

How to maintain your parquet or laminate flooring

Interior flooring

Choosing wood flooring is not that simple… How will it be used? What laying method? How do you maintain it… ? To assist you with your project, Décoplus Parquets has devised a buying guide with instructional information to help you make the right choice.
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How to maintain oiled wood flooring

Your wood flooring is treated with parquet oil. This causes the natural beauty of the floor to shine and makes it easier for you to maintain. Here, you will find some tips to perfectly preserve your oiled parquet floor for years to come.

For the first ten days following the wood floor installation:

During this period, the parquet oil hardens. Therefore, some precautions are recommended:
• Do not move heavy furniture on oiled parquet
• Clean with a vacuum or cloth rag
• Do not put a rug on the oiled wood flooring during this time (allow the parquet oil to harden completely)
• Place protective felt (or other material) beneath the legs of tables and chairs.

From the tenth day after installing the wood flooring:

• Routine cleaning of the oiled wood flooring: the oiled surface should be dusted regularly (broom or vacuum).

Depending on the usage of the room, this maintenance may be completed daily. Possible stains may be cleaned with Blanchon natural soap for oiled wood floor maintenance, diluted. This 100% natural soap enables deep cleaning of oiled wood flooring, while reinforcing their protection.

Periodic maintenance: maintain the wood with pure parquet oil, by using the spray method and a single brush with a beige pad (if the wood is dirty, you can use the red pad to reinforce the mechanical cleaning).

• For highly used floor space, it is recommended to regularly apply an extra coat of parquet oil (followed by polishing with a single brush equipped with a beige pad). How often you choose to do this depends on the usage of the room, but should be done at least once or twice a month.

The more often this maintenance is completed with parquet oil, the easier it is. It is recommended to clean the used rags and pads immediately after use with white spirit or acetone. Sprays should also be cleaned right away with solvent or water.

Some valuable tips:

• A quality mat placed at the entrance to a room will trap dust and gravel
• Your wood needs a healthy climate: an ambient temperature between 19-21°C and a relative humidity around 50-65% are ideal.
• Do not allow water or other liquids to pool on your oiled floor (it is best to remove or elevate flower pots)

 Important notes: Once a floor is treated with parquet oil, it is possible to vitrify it, after the floor has been sanded completely free of oil. For a major renovation, you can sand the wood floor with a single brush equipped with an abrasive grill, before applying a new coat of pure parquet oil using the spray method.

Similarly, a localised renovation can be done easily on particularly deteriorated spots (burns, impacts…): buff away, then re-treat. This is one of the overriding advantages of a wood floor treated with parquet oil.

Regularly maintained, your wood floor will preserve its natural warmth and beauty.

This advice is based on the best technical knowledge currently available. It is recommended that you test products on a small area before use.